Monday, 9 May 2011

1100 tokens

1100 tokens
by Andie Scott © 2007/11
1100 tokens forms part of my ‘World Tragedy’ series.
These installations and paintings challenge the way the news and media moves from one
tragic situation to another filling us with emotions and a desire to act.
The “ soundbites “ of the world move on and we are expected to as well.

These paintings are concerned with mark-making that transcends the media hype
and keeps in our minds the outrage that we felt when it was called ‘breaking
news’. The vibrant eye catching colours and economic linework draw the
spectator into the works

1100 monks and many political activists were arrested in Mayanmar ( Burma )
between August and November 2007.

I felt compelled to produce an installation to express my horror at what had
happened. This installation has developed with the more detailed research into
Burma’s regime . There are always at least 1100
political activists in Burmese prisons, some may be released while others newly
arrested. Lack of medicine, torture inhumane living conditions and forced labour
are reported.

Many of the monk’s portraits have been drawn from pictures taken by the world
press of the demonstrations in august & September 2007. All these press pictures
were used by the Military dictatorship to assist with arrests which shows how the
media while highlighting a cause may hinder it too.
Around 700 portraits have been completed to date. The 30th anniversary of the
1988 uprising last year and continued imprisonment of the pro-democracy leaders
mean the work continues to be current news although not covered in newspapers
or T.V

Each painting measures 5 “ x 4 “ and is oil on canvas.

The small Buddha icons symbolize the lost dignity of the Burmese people and the
reason why they risk imprisonment to highlight their cause on the world stage.
People there are starving in order to maintain their religious duty of providing for
the Buddhist monks. The monks marched this year in order to express their
disappointment and that they now would not accept food from the people.
Everyone believed that the monks would not be harmed however that is not what

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