Monday, 9 May 2011

world tragedy series

‘World Tragedy’
© 2001 - 2011 Andie Scott

‘World Tragedy’, a series which challenges the way the news and media moves from one tragic situation to another filling us with emotions and a desire to act. The “ sound bites “ of the world move on and so do we. My aim is to make sure we remember the event and that although the world has moved on it is still part of every day life for the people affected by it .

9/11 : Memorial to 343 Fire-fighters© 2002

One single painting (18” x 96”) depicts the portraits of all 343 fire-fighters who lost their lives at the World Trade Centre on 11 th September 2001. I started to draw the firefighter’s portraits on September 20th 2001, using memorial notices on the web. It took six months to produce. I chose the fire-fighters because they are there to save life at a risk to their own.

When I showed it to the mayor of New York and fire fighters at Duan Street Unit, in New York in 2002, I stood wordless while they recognised and pointed out their lost friends on the canvas. It is a painting that requires a home at the ground zero site.

“Street Child World Cup” © 2004 - 2014

The footballer series shows many past footballers. Heroes of the most world inclusive sport. I was more interested in the Street Child World Cup, a project in Durban during this year’s World Cup in Durban. I plan to make a series of portraits of the street children participating in Street Child World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

1100 Tokens © 2007 - 2011

1100 monks and political activists were arrested in Mayanmar ( Burma) between August and November 2007. I felt compelled to produce an installation to express how BBC web images were used by the military dictatorship to assist with arrests. The installation focuses on how the media while highlighting a cause may hinder it too. Around 700 portraits have been completed to date I am still drawing prisoners curtesy of aappb news links.

Tsunami - © 2009

Orphan © 2010/11

These two individual canvases where each line represents a person. The paintings are tallies to loss of life or a predicament. so Tsunami is 250000 white lines representing each person who died within the first 24 hours of the Tsunami in 2004, Orphan is a work in progress. When completed it will be 380,000 tiny white lines, each representing a child orphaned in Haiti.

“Pink Portraits” proposal 2011-2012

This planned series will be healing for me as well. I was one of the 44,000 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer last year in the UK. This work plans to interview some of these women from the hospital where I was treated, while producing their portraits. Their words will be placed alongside the images. 11,000 women in the UK die from breast cancer each year. I want to explore how strong and how vulnerable we are when faced with cancer and the tortuous process of cancer treatment . I believe this series will create a positive network for people affected by breast cancer in a different empowering way from the support groups available.

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