Monday, 9 May 2011

book of haikus - rainbow portraits

Book of Haikus - Rainbow Portraits
Andie Scott © 2011

I sew a garden in my heart exotic flowers flourish - woven love

My haiku book is poems from text messages I sent inspired by the people and places around me.

I started writing them when I couldn’t think clearly after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
I felt very alone and spent many nights pacing the floor. But through the year of treatment they were my way of expressing my love for my life partner, friends and family.

Rather than use traditional abbreviations to send a text, I made the messages succinct and found that they turned in to haikus.

Misty morning my dreams of you leave only traces in bright sunlight

They express complexity rather than simplicity and therefore needed taming. I chose the traditional 17 syllable haiku renga rather than Basho’s ‘Soun’ (free verse) because my haikus are mainly about people rather than nature.

I have tried to include the lightness of touch and kireji (cutting word) .

A world of fragile falling petals my imaginings of you float

They are a moment, crystallised and snatched from time’s flow. Sometimes a mundane text from a friend will elicit a haiku in that moment or ‘muga’.

Your lips on mine - reach in and turn the most secret parts of me to fire

The images in this blog are of paintings I create. The orchids are a series I produced through the cancer treatment and exhibited in a number of shows in London.

Words tumble from my fingers
You touch me

Creativity flows

silky clear sky full of bright stars I draw your face in this velvet night

my life
a patchwork of scars hidden by intricate embroidery

Transform the image of the muse- dance in the energy fields of desire

Scent of first cut lawn to signal spring
distracts me from you but briefly

refracting light
reaching my prism of dreams about you

Ephemeral embrace
lost wanderings through words and dreams
my heart sings

24 hour passion
exotic flower uncurled
your fragile beauty

Heart-shaped pebbles
wet on the shore
sea caresses play -
tumbling them

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