Tuesday 20 September 2011

James you are an amazing man.

photo by Mike Taylor showing Sylvan Glade, Keston Park designed by Spaced Out

So this is what my man James gets up to. Designing my dream home in Keston Park for Paul and Penny Denby. The building of Sylvan Glade was filmed by Grand Designs and will be shown tomorrow (Wednesday 21st Sept) on Channel 4 at 9pm. Grand Designs always makes a drama out of something... so knocking down your old house you've lived in for twenty years and building your architect designed dream home is pretty dramatic. Usually in this programme something is late or someone gets fired... and Kevin has his own personal opinion on everything...
Somehow I can't see how they are going to make a crisis out of anything with Sylvan Glade, From design phases through to completion things were good. Now, Penny and Paul are family friends, Modillion Homes and Spaced Out are planning to work on more projects together and the house is fabulous, built on budget and time.

What astonishes me about James is how hard he works for every single client, meticulously, with great care, like a doctor on call for buildings. He manages to understand and enable his clients to get what they want, change their lives with space and light offering them a gift of well being once the building is finished and becomes a home ... Interestingly, many clients have become friends and friends who became clients are still friends too.

James designs beautiful buildings with attention to detail and his genuine concern for people(whether they are the client or the joiner) makes him a master of his craft at a very young age for an architect. I don't think there are many architects that can combine all those skills, run an office full of wonderful young architects and still be completely excited by his profession.


Designed by Spaced Out
RIBA Chartered Architects
first screening 9pm Weds 21st Sept
available on 4oD Series 7 Episode 31
The new series of Channel 4 show,
Grand Designs*, features ‘Sylvan
Glade’ - the first overtly contemporary
house in Keston Park.

James writes of Sylvan Glade:

The design is inspired by the light
and space of a woodland clearing.
Centred on a double height lounge
with gallery, the house is full of
curves and wonderful framed views
of the parkland setting. State-of-
the-art passive technology supports
the comfort and well being of the
family occupants.

Sylvan Glade, Keston Park © Spaced Out 2011
Photographer: Mike Taylor
spaced out architecture studio
contractor: modillion homes
glazing technology: cantifix