Saturday 31 December 2011

Dear friends
Fabulous news for 2012 to share with you.

Cerulean Blue ....

my first novel....

is now e-published!

I hope you have some time to chill out and download Cerulean Blue for your new e-reading tablets.
It is available on ibook for ipad/pod/phone and also on kobo, sony and more formats.
It will be available on Amazon very soon ( will keep you posted) but you can download a kindle version from my epublishing site right now... also if you are on a laptop there is a pdf version you can download too.

It's very simple to do.
... go to

scroll down and click on Cerulean Blue to download.... It's free to join smashwords and simple to fill in...

or just type my name in to Ibook store or Kobo and you'll find me...yippeee.

It will help my book get noticed by print publishers if I can have 1,000 downloads over the next couple weeks so please please forward these details to your friends so they buy my book too... It's only £1.45 for 110,000 words ... so it's good value....It may be a children's novel, but I know you'll enjoy it too...

A brief description to hopefully hook you....

What happens when you walk into a painting of Hell and find the Devil, and still don't know that it's all your mother's fault? Twelve year old Leon finds his mother missing from her studio and inadvertently becomes tangled up in The Painted World inhabited by Night Tormentors and controlled by the Prince of Tyre who looks set to destroy Earth and make a new world ruled by evil. Leon, together with his two best friends Manny and Jude, embark on a journey through pictures depicting hell in order to rescue his errant mother.
There are many who would help the three friends but also those who want to defeat them.

This is a fantasy novel (11+) weaving together art history and scientific fact with myths and legends to take you into dreams. The philosophies and writings of art in the 20th century are forever present dogging them into a surreal dream world of lost wanderings.
There are no broomsticks or wands but instead writing of plausible future elements of science, art, theology and love... but ultimately just a good story.

It incorporates new advances in modern technology, specifically military inventions which are in keeping with what is happening. Ever heard of Archangel Michael with Paraklete body armour and a submachine gun to fight Lucifer? Or of the new miltary cloaking devices being incorporated with nanotechnology to create an awsome factually plausible invisibility cloak? Inspired and written to uphold the inginuity of masters like HG Wells.

This novel has something to inspire every reader ... Enjoy.... and please please write a review and load it onto a blog/ facebook / tweet it with a link to my publishing site before valentine's day.. or send me your review in an email and I'll post it for you... either way you will then be entered into my prize draw raffle as a thank you and could win an Amazon voucher ... also for under 16's who write a review there will be a separate prize draw for a second voucher ....

Here's wishing you peace for 2012 ... and happy reading...

much love