Monday 28 May 2012

Fringe Arts Bath

I'm really delighted to have been selected for the  Fringe Arts Bath open, a new bi-annual competition and exhibition with work selected from artists practising contemporary art in the fields of painting, print, drawing, photography, film, sound, sculpture, installation, and

My painting 'Tsunami' is 250,000 counted white lines painted in 24 hours

On the day of a Tsunami, 26th December 2004, it was estimated that 250,000
people had been killed within 24 hours. The images stayed in my head and I had to
record it. Some years later I decided to paint a line for each of these people and to do it
within 24 hours . Over time the official figures of death changed and by the end of six
weeks it was nearly 300,000.

It forms part of the World Tragedy series which are paintings and installations which challenge the way the news and media move from one tragic situation to another, filling us with emotions and a desire to act. Then the 'sound bites' of the world move on and we are expected to as well and a tragedy is forgotten. This work is concerned with mark-making that transcends the media hype and keeps in our minds the outrage that we felt when it was first called ‘breaking news’.
'1100 Tokens'
This installation marks the 1100 Burmese monks arrested in 2007.
 I have completed 700 portraits so far. Planning a touring exhibition for 2013 at the moment.

I had a great time at the busy FaB opening on friday. A facinating series of curated shows at the Old Officers club in stall street. for info on Fringe arts Bath see link below.