Wednesday 18 April 2012

Great Expectations for summer 2012

Great Expectations

Busy working away on a rainy day on the costumes and set for
'Miss Havisham's Expectations', written and directed by Di SAherlock and performed by Linda Marlowe.
Exciting project to get my teeth into because I want it to feel as though the stage and characters are a painting.....

Then there's the London Festival of Architecture project Platform 9 with Spaced Out Architecture Studio and movingartsbase....

I'm writing the old stories of Kings Cross... how it was the last stand for Boudicca and was called Battle Bridge... how the Fleet River was full of healing wells around Kings Cross until it became an open sewer.
These stories form the seed for the contact dancers to perform at the London Festival of Architecture on the weekend of 6th - 8th July. The performance and drawings produced will be exhibited at the Flexitron Gallery