Friday 15 August 2014

The Circus Costume Shop

As I  launch The Circus Costume Shop at my Flexitron Gallery this Autumn I thought I'd post up some
of the recent costumes I've designed and fabricated.....

I work collaboratively with each individual circus artist to create a unique costume for their act

Stewart Pemberton - stiltwalking Uncle Sam

Sorcha Ra - contact juggling - Sorceress of Summer
Sometimes costumes are hours and hours of work. Seeing Sorcha Ra performing in a park surrounded by children makes it all worth while

The Christmas season approaches and I am already working on costumes for this time of year

Karine Friez as The Ice Queen 

 Last year at the Bloomsbury big tent i produced aerialist and Hula Costumes... this year has a traditional Shanghai circus spirit
Bloomsbury Big Tent - Cirque de Paris

Bloomsbury Big Tent - Cirque de Paris

Working with the students on the degree course at The National Centre for Circus Arts is so enjoyable. I made some of their devised pieces costumes...

 dip dies and glittering catsuit for Ali Stanger - performing Embodiment

a costume of rope for Gaia Santuccio performing Tangled details

Trousers that looked like ordinary trousers but couldn't split on the seams for remy Archer performing Plato's Cave 

Eva - Elena Casotto's thief catsuit 

I also helped students who had either made their own or had other people make them... sometimes mending seams or alterations to shirts and waistcoats  or just getting their costumes to fit. Sometimes they just needed to check whether it worked visually.......

Tom Gaskin performing Watch

Chiara Zubiani performing Aequus Libra

Charlotte Dawson performing Straight to the Point

Michael Corr performing Cucumber Hundreds

Angeliki Nikolakaki performing Raindance

Hauk Pattison performing Aren't We All

Charlie Wheeler performing Son

Kipat Kahumbu - These Hands Used to Paint

Michael Standen - Unrequited

Joana Dias - Graciette

alongside this I designed the costumes for the first year links - directed by Peta Lily the links encompassed Everyday... 

I have been working with Juggling on Tap  this last year and now with Arts Council funding they go from strength to strength.
Juggling on Tap - Rhythm Town at the Bowler Hat

September will be busy ... setting up the online shopping store for base layers and commission pieces, accessories such as gaiters, balloon sculpting bags, dressed wigs.

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see more of my work at my temporary web address while my estore is under construction

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